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Welcome to the White Nile Rafting Company.

We are the most hospitable and satisfying adventure operator in the “Pearl of Africa” with award- winning instructors that will guide you through exclusive activities on the stunning Nile River.

White Nile Rafting is the first African / Ugandan founded Rafting Company in Uganda.  The company is owned and managed by Prossy Mirembe De Wildt, the first woman to be crowned an African Champion in Freestyle Kayaking and Canoe Slalom  in South Africa in 2009 ––– making her the first African female kayaker to win  international Kayaking awards. And in 2012, Prossy finished as a runner up in the Canoe Slalom championship held in South Africa. Her vast knowledge of the river with firsthand experience, makes Prossy an excellent administrator in this trade.

White Nile Rafting is  located in Buwenda, Jinja –– 80 km East of Kampala City.

We are owner operated and we take pride in providing you with a quality and safe White Water experience. When you raft with White Nile Rafting, you will be working directly with the owner; Prossy –and a super group of competent and caring staff who are focused on maximizing your enjoyment, servicing you in a timely manner, and giving you the tools and information you need for the ultimate White Water experience.

We believe that the essence of life is exemplified by the lifelong memories created when sharing the thrill of whitewater rafting on the Nile in Uganda, with your friends and family.

With great respect for the importance of such amazing river adventure, here we prioritize your safety, quality, and guest service by offering unique, top-quality features.