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 The key to any great guided adventure are the guides that will accompany you on your trip. Rafting and Adventure Sports is our profession, so we take it seriously. Our guides are serious about safety, serious about good times and serious about fun! They have an extremely high level of experience –– over 17 years ––– that is unmatched in the river adventure industry in Uganda. They will navigate you safely down the river, flip with you and hit the big rapids with ease.

They will tell you about the history of the area, its birds and animals, also keep you amused with stories from their years exploring the world.

We have a very diverse group of river guides. These are world class whitewater guides with a passion for rafting and kayaking that has taken them to some of the most adventurous, challenging and picturesque rivers around the world. Their world class experience in guiding rivers will enhance your experience with us on River Nile.